Sunburst Drift Boats are designed and built by Jeremy DeVries,

Sunburst Drift Boats are made from Joubert Okume plywood enclosed in fiberglass and Raka UV epoxy. The bottom and chines are built from aerospace honeycomb Plascore and enclosed by 2 layers of Kevlar. Raptor Bedliner finishes the bottom for excellent rock protection.

The interior features an innovative walk around design with all 3 seats on 360 degree swivels (a first on the market).   Each angler has plenty of deck space for gear and cup holders for their favorite IPA. The boat features unique forward and rear facing knee braces for maximum room while casting.  This unique double ended hull allows the boat to be rowed equally well in either direction to dramically improve quality fishing time along your favorite river bank.   Sunburst Drift Boats are always paired with: Sawyer Square Top Oars, Dynalite Shoal Cut blades, Cobra Oarlocks, Regal Anchor releases, Crossfire Automotive paint, a custom Enduro Boat Cover, Adams trailers and a #30 Pyramid anchor. They are finished with 3 coats of automotive UV clear coat.  This creates a classic wood skiff that will offer years of maintenance free fun!

Sunburst is the name of my home town on the Hi Line of Montana!  I only build 2-3 boats per year.

Price:  $25,000  50% deposit is required to start construction.  

Each boat takes over 500 hours of time to complete!  

Plan for 1 year from deposit to delivery.

Now accepting reservations for 2020 builds.   All 2019 boats are sold.  

We offer a 20% discount for Industry Pro’s and 30% discount for professional guides.